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“Many businesses today are driven to make their mobile apps more convenient and user-friendly, which often comes at the expense of security. Increasingly, cybercriminals exploit this oversight to their advantage”, says VASCO security expert, Will LaSala. “Mobile malware, jailbroken devices, rogue apps, keylogging, screen capture and other threats are becoming serious disruptors of mobile business.”

The bad news is that you cannot stop these attacks from happening; the good news is you can certainly render them ineffective. The only caveat your customers will continue to insist on is “ease of use”. Join this webcast to get unique insights and key recommendations from VASCO on how to reduce your mobile apps’ vulnerabilities while maintaining a frictionless user experience.

Topic highlights include:
◾The anatomy of sophisticated mobile attacks
◾The most common mobile app vulnerabilities
◾Best practices to secure your app and ensure user convenience 


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