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 More than 2,000 working adults were surveyed—1,000 in the US and 1,000 in the UK—about cybersecurity topics and best practices that are fundamental to data and network security. The findings about the personal habits of these individuals was sometimes heartening, occasionally perplexing, and frequently terrifying—but always enlightening.

Download your copy of the 2017 User Risk Report to see how employees shaped up globally and regionally on cybersecurity awareness issues that are impacting organizations worldwide, including:

  • Knowledge of phishing and ransomware*
  • Safe use of WiFi, location tracking and social media
  • Password habits (the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • The types of personal activities (shopping online, playing games, streaming media, etc.) that your organization's devices are being used for by employees and their families and friends

* The survey concluded less than 24 hours prior to the global spread of the WannaCry ransomware attack, the responses were not influenced by the increased media exposure about these threats.



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