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The progressive steps organizations are taking as a result of the digital age present a bevy of benefits, but in turn, create a slew of challenges and risks. The internal audit function has been forced to adapt along the way, assuring key stakeholders that risks have been identified, addressed and mitigated. 

This eBook, produced in partnership with Workiva, covers the necessary areas to sharpen as it relates to conducting an audit that’s both efficient and effective. Inside you'll find:

  • A deep dive on internal audit risk assessments, defining what this dynamic and iterative process should look like
  • Tips that allow you to ramp up the means to achieve more dynamic audit planning
  • An in-depth look at the four-part approach for audit efficiency and effectiveness
  • A breakdown of how you can leverage existing guidelines to improve your team’s performance

Change is the one constant we should all expect, and the principles and practices outlined in this eBook are intended to help you adapt and continue to provide value in the business as an internal auditor.


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