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The healthcare industry faces increased attacks from cybercriminals, and risky end-user behaviors are only exacerbating the threat.

This report uses healthcare-specific data to explore how medical staff and other end users in this industry are performing on cybersecurity assessments. We analyze responses gathered via nearly 85 million questions answered in the Security Education Platform, as well as data culled from tens of millions of simulated phishing attacks.

Download this report and find out:

  • How well end users in the healthcare space understand a variety of security topics including: protecting confidential information (PHI, PII), identifying phishing threats, physical risks and data disposal
  • How a regional hospital and medical center experienced an 86% reduction in phishing click rates following a trial of components of Wombat's Anti-Phishing Training Suite
  • The importance of implementing a comprehensive and measurable security awareness training program designed with the specific challenges of healthcare professionals in mind



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