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The Unpredictable Threat Landscape: How AI Neutralizes Advanced Cyber Attacks

The cyber threat landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Compounded by the introduction of IoT devices and the expansion into the cloud, organizations are at a greater risk than ever of falling victim to increasingly pernicious cyber campaigns.  From APTs targeting critical infrastructure to cryptominers compromising corporate networks, accounts of new breaches dominate headlines seemingly every week.

Amidst this new era of threat, cyber security can be a confusing terrain to navigate. Which threats pose the greatest risk to your organization? And how can stretched security teams proactively defend networks against advanced threat actors?

Join Darktrace to take a deep-dive into the most stealthy and sophisticated threat types faced by security teams. Hear real-world examples of how organizations across the world are turning to AI technologies to fight back against never-before-seen threats, in real time.

In this webcast, learn about:

  • What cyber trends Darktrace is currently seeing across our global customer base
  • How organizations across all sectors leverage AI to detect and respond to cyber threats
  • Why AI-based autonomous response is the future of cyber defense
  • Real-world stories of threats Darktrace has detected including hacked IoT and underground bitcoin mining operations


Justin Fier Headshot 140 shadowJustin Fier
Director for Cyber Intelligence & Analytics

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