MISTI has listened to their customers and is now offering our training delegates a Virtual Classroom option for some of our most popular seminars. Blended learning allows attendees to participate in live classroom training sessions from their office or home. These trainings are delivered by MISTI's expert instructors with the power and flexibility of a virtual platform. 

Click to view the full list of  Virtual Classroom seminars.

Benefits of a MISTI Virtual Classroom include:

    • Watch, hear and participate in our course trainings as if you were sitting right in the classroom
    • Reduced time away from work and home
    • Save hours to your work day by eliminating travel time
    • Save on travel and hotel costs 

Course delegates still learn and gain valuable insights from our esteemed faculty, they receive the same course materials as delegates attending training in person, and perhaps most importantly, because of technology, they still collaborate as if they were sitting in the classroom.

Our Virtual Classroom training is made possible by the MicroTek facilities we use. Watch the video below to learn more about our virtual learning experience. 

Please note: Virtual Classrooms follow the time zone of the host city, so be sure to adjust your schedule accordingly.

Visit our Virtual Classroom FAQs page for more answers to questions you may have.

Visit our Virtual Classroom Setup page for technical requirements.