While women have made inroads to reach internal audit’s leadership levels, the road to equality has certainly been a bumpy one. According to an IIA study titled “Women in Internal Audit: Perspectives Around the World,” women represent a smaller percentage of the workforce in every region except North America, where 51 percent of the non-CAE workforce is female.

The gap is slowly closing, and that’s due in part to many women taking on leadership roles within the function, says Nancy Luquette, senior vice president and chief risk and audit executive at S&P Global.

“In my 30-plus years in the profession, it wasn’t always easy being a woman,” Luquette told Internal Audit Insights during MISTI’s SuperStrategies Conference & Expo. “There are definitely more and more opportunities [now]…but what’s important is for [women] to take advantage of those opportunities and to demonstrate that as a woman we can be a leader in the profession.”

Some of the major challenges that women in internal audit face today surround communication, she adds.

In the full video interview below, Luquette shares her take on the state of women in internal audit in 2019 and breaks down the major challenges many female practitioners face, but more importantly, how they can overcome them.

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