Auditing social media is a practice that’s been commonly overlooked.

With so many high-risk areas to worry about, it’s easy to see why this takes a backseat for many businesses. It comes nowhere near the risks that are tied to cybersecurity or financial fraud, but the tide is changing.

There’s more awareness being raised about social media and the risks tied to it - especially by organizations that particularly if they’re selling directly to consumers. For those companies, overlooking this area can be very costly, says Jason Claycomb, Principal at INARMA.

“[When it comes to] monitoring, that’s tough because there aren’t as many [appropriate] tools for auditors,” Claycomb says. “What I really recommend the auditors do is go and talk to the people in marketing who are managing the social media.”

By opening up that communication channel, Claycomb says auditors can get a better understanding of the tools and processes in place to manage and monitor the company’s social media presence.

In this recent video shot at MISTI’s ITAC Conference, Claycomb gives his take on the state of auditing social media in the enterprise, and what steps internal auditors can take to monitor the risks associated with the technology.


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