San Fran

If your New Year's resolution includes elevating your audit skills, mark your calendars. Internal auditors will have the opportunity to get up to speed on several topics, including many IT audit options, all in one week as MISTI's Training Week heads to the Bay Area.

The week-long series of seminars will take place from February 6-12 at the MicroTek Computer Lab in San Francisco. Internal auditors can choose from among twelve courses, including such foundational courses as Fundamentals of Internal AuditingIT Auditing and Controls, and Root Cause Analysis for Internal Auditors.

During Training Week, MISTI will also offer several courses in specific areas of interest. For example, the course Auditing Application Systems Development, with instructor Thomas Salzman, will explore proven audit strategies that will enable attendees to efficiently audit and evaluate application systems development in a variety of technical environments. Throughout this three-day seminar, participants will drill down to the unique risks associated with purchased, in-house, and Web-based applications and learn how to minimize those risks.

Another three-day course, Tools to Identify and Mitigate Security and Privacy Risks will instruct attendees on using four tools: Risk Analysis, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Privacy Impact Assessment, and Gap Analysis. These tools are time-tested methodologies for measuring the level of security and privacy risks, and prioritizing information risk reduction approaches in your organization.

Internal auditors can make the most of the week by adding a two-day seminar on such topics as Building a Continuous Risk Assessment Model, with instructor Greg Duckert, Auditing Networks for Non-IT Auditors, led by instructor Thomas Salzman, or COSO 2013 Internal Control Integrated Framework, with Dr. Hernan Murdock.

The week will also offer several networking opportunities. So start the New Year off by getting your internal auditor mind in shape at a MISTI Training Week.

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