As MISTI’s own Dr. Hernan Murdock believes, too many internal auditors have the unfortunate distinction of being perceived as the “corporate cops.” When it comes to those perceptions, the modern-day internal auditor has to tip-toe and be aware of their delivery when it comes to communicating during audit interviews. Discussing sensitive subjects can be a challenge in itself, but already being pegged as a particular character within the business makes it that much more difficult. So should you be more assertive or less assertive? What do you need to do to navigate those touchy audit interviews? Internal Audit Insights caught up with communications expert Jill Schiefelbein who shared her major dos and don’ts tied to the topic. “[During your interviews] be solid in your position, you're there for a reason, they’re there for a reason, clarify those reasons, get mutual understanding, and move forward,” she said during a video interview shot at MISTI’s annual internal audit conference. In the full-length interview below, Schiefelbein shares her quick tips that you can leverage during your next audit interview.

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