Businesses are continuing to grow in complexity due to the dynamic technological and social challenges that present themselves on a frequent basis. Internal auditors are tasked with taking this head on and meet the increasing expectations of the board and senior management.

As organizations are facing stiff competition in their respective industries and resources are becoming more difficult to come by, internal auditors have to prove their value to the business more and more. Simply put, it’s critical for internal auditors to remain relevant within their organization. While that’s a lot easier said than done, MISTI’s Vice President of the Audit Division, Dr. Hernan Murdock, provided key steps that internal auditors can take to ensure they remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment.

“For internal auditors to prove that they’re adding value to the business, they need to sync up with what’s happening in the business and be more resilient understanding, and responsive to those changing conditions,” Dr. Murdock said.

In this exclusive video interview with Internal Audit Insights, Dr. Murdock offers up key steps that internal auditors should take to remain relevant in the organization. For even more concrete insight on this topic, read his popular blog post that highlights seven key steps internal auditors can take to continue to add value to the business. 

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