Live webinar will help internal auditors get a handle on where to focus IT assessment type activities for 2017

2016 was a wild year. It featured an election that was as bizarre as it was unpredictable; Britain voting to leave the EU; the loss of entertainment and sports icons like Prince, David Bowie, and Mohammed Ali; the Pokémon Go phenomenon; a major banking scandal at Wells Fargo; and the many high-profile hacks and data breaches at such organizations as Verizon, LinkedIn, the Democratic National Committee, and even the FBI.

2017 looks to be just as unpredictable, as businesses await the direction President-elect Trump will take, especially how much he will follow through on his promises to roll back business regulation and red tape. The fast pace of technological change is only expected to increase as well, offering new opportunities and plenty of threats.

While planning for 2017 won't be easy, it's not something internal audit departments can afford to skip. We have planned a webinar that will help auditors get a handle on where to focus for 2017, particularly on risk and controls associated with technology. "Planning for 2017: Where to Focus Assessment Type Activities" will take place on December 20, from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. (EST), led by instructor Shawna Flanders. The course will provide attendees with a better understanding of areas to consider in their universe and possible vulnerabilities' to look for and controls, all from the comfort of their desks or home offices.

IT Risks and Controls
Each year those groups within an organization responsible for assessing IT Related risk and controls are faced with determining where to focus their attention. Do we need to focus on the threats related to aging technology, focus on current vulnerabilities that can give rise to exploits, or concentrate on emerging technology? Unfortunately, the answer is not clear and the only thing for sure is any weakness can potentially be the opportunity needed to exploit a network component. During the webinar, instructor Flanders will examine various technologies, controls, and vulnerabilities.

Some of the areas the webinar will cover include: A review of the risk universe, vulnerabilities in common technologies, emerging technology, regulatory changes in 2016, and potential regulatory changes for 2017. The webinar will also help attendees describe ways to improve the effectiveness of controls with focus on CIA of critical data, and to design effective substantive tests for policy and regulatory compliance.

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