As the businesses of today continue to evolve, technology plays a central role that rapidly morphs and seeps its way into nearly every facet of the organization. Naturally, this impacts internal audit. But for those organizations that may not have tech-savvy auditors to certify and test controls, how can they tackle the many challenges that come with the slew of IT risks that presents themselves today?

The internal auditor of today is working in an environment where they have to quickly adapt to risks as technology evolves, says Jami Shine, corporate & IT audit manager at QuikTrip Corp.

“We all hear the term ‘emerging risks’ tossed around a lot as a buzzword, and yet it’s so relevant to the industry today,” Shine told Internal Audit Insights during a recent video interview shot at the SuperStrategies Conference in Las Vegas. “Risks are emerging so quickly, that it’s difficult [for practicing internal auditors] to train them on [identifying them].”

We caught up with Shine who shared some proven advice on how non-technical auditors can overcome some of the challenges associated with IT risks, and how internal audit departments can incorporate IT risks into the annual risk assessment process.

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