If you consider the challenges many IT auditors face when it comes to communicating with different functions within the business, one would think that it’s a complicated language barrier, rather than what it is; departments that are merely accustomed to “staying in their lane.” But gone are the days when the business could thrive and manage risk with this in place.

Given the proliferation of technology in the enterprise, from systems leveraged in the finance department to software that’s accessed by human resources, it goes without saying that there is no place for communication silos within the business. Chances are when you read that previous sentence you thought, “Easier said than done,” however, there are steps you can take to break those silos down.

The first step might be to align goals, which Mark Thomas, President of Escoute Consulting, is where a majority of the problems lie.

“[They’re] all trying to work toward a different set of goals,” Thomas told Internal Audit Insights during a recent interview. “You have different organizational structures, and you have different spans of controls and different levels of authority that take place across the organization.”

One way to align those goals is for IT auditors to take a step back with their colleagues and ask themselves why it is that the business exists, Thomas advises.

In the full video interview below, Thomas dives into the topic of communication challenges within the enterprise, why they exist among IT audit and cybersecurity, and the steps you can take to ensure those silos are broken down.

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Pavan Trikutam