Ask any internal auditor today what their goal is, or should be, and chances are they’ll say something along the lines “adding value to the business,” which is good. But what’s actually happening to the function in today’s modern-day enterprise, and what can audit leaders be doing to ensure their team is providing that value?

While risks may vary depending on the industry they're working in, there are a core set of skills that every internal auditor within the function should possess to be successful.

The perception tied to today’s internal auditor is changing, in addition to how their responsibilities are being executed, says Dr. Hernan Murdock, vice president of MISTI’s audit division.

“The image and the branding is changing very much,” he told Internal Audit Insights during a recent interview shot at MISTI’s SuperStrategies Conference & Expo. “We’re moving away from the corporate cop image and trying to rebrand and reposition by educating the people that we work and serve so they can understand that we do a lot more than just compliance work.”

In the full-length video interview below, Dr. Murdock shares what the status of the internal auditor is today, in addition to providing some key audit leadership techniques that many up-and-coming audit leaders are commonly unaware of.

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