Internal Audit can play a large role in shaping a culture of compliance


January 22, 2016

In this podcast, Joseph McCafferty, head of audit content at the MIS Training Institute, sits down with Jose Tabuena, a former internal auditor and compliance executive at various companies including Orion Health and Texas Health Resources, to talk about the role of internal audit in influencing and shaping corporate culture.

“The internal audit team should serve as an example to promote the culture and be aligned with the culture that the leadership team is promoting,” says Tabuena. “More directly, internal audit’s role is to help management to evaluate and keep an eye on the state of corporate culture in the organization.”

Tabuena says that internal audit, working with compliance, can be integral in assessing where the company stands in terms of culture and measuring the effectiveness of programs to improve culture. He also says internal audit should insure that whistleblower and hotline programs are in place and working effectively, and that employees feel comfortable raising concerns.

“Internal audit often plays a role in evaluating if the compliance program is working effectively. They look at metrics such as the volume of calls coming through the hotline, how they are handled, and whether corrective action is actually taken.


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