Webinar will instruct internal audit executives on acquiring and enhancing effective leadership techniques

Unless you are a department of one, every chief audit executive or senior internal auditor must lead others to accomplish the objectives of the internal audit department. Good leaders inspire and influence others. They are able to organize a group of people to accomplish common goals and share in success.

A leader is someone who others follow, who guides and directs the team, and someone who can multiply outcomes by acting through and with others. A leader, then, is someone who can accomplish more and with higher satisfaction levels then someone who tries to do everything alone.

In internal audit, great leadership is essential as boards and senior management teams are looking for the department to provide more value and accomplish more with the same or less resources. Leadership has been identified as a key attribute of effective internal auditors. While some believe that this is an expectation for those at the senior auditor and above levels, the truth is that all auditors should have and display leadership skills. The ability to get the assistance and support of others to accomplish tasks is important within the audit team as well as when interacting with audit clients.

To help internal auditors acquire these skills, MISTI is offering a two-hour webinar on Thursday, November 17. Instructor Kathleen Crawford will cover the key leadership competencies of effective leaders and the different type of leadership and when to use each one. She will also explore the role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership and leadership traits and how to acquire and enhance them.

Right from the comfort of your desk, you can learn how to apply effective leadership skills regardless of your title within the internal audit function, how using leadership skills appropriately can help you accomplish more at the project level and build better relationships with others while enhancing your career prospects.