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Some risk managers may feel like they are in the failure portion of a late-night TV infomercial these days. Perhaps they even hear that deep TV announcer voice in their heads: "Is your organization drowning in risks that are becoming harder and harder to quantify? Are you overwhelmed by emerging risks that seem to spring from every corner of the business? Are you losing sleep over risks from all the potential adverse events that could cause severe reputational damage? Now there's Risk-Away..."

As we all know, of course, no such product exists. The only option for risk managers and all of those who are responsible for identifying, assessing, and managing risks in the organization is to get smarter about how they think about risk and refine risk-management processes.

From operational and strategic risks to cybersecurity, the risk landscape is becoming more treacherous. Leading companies have had to rethink their approach to handling risk and focus resources where the potential for damage is the highest.

While you can't purchase a product to make risks go away, like getting a stain out of a favorite shirt, you can learn from leading risk experts on how they approach these growing threats and how they build processes to better assess and manage risks.

On December 8, MIS Training Institute will hold a Risk Management Summit in New Orleans where risk-management experts will cover such topics as the key weaknesses in common risk-management practices, tying risk management to strategic objectives, calibrating risk appetite, communicating risks to the board, and more.

For more information on the Risk Management Summit or to register, go here.