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WannaCry, Locky, TeslaCrypt, CryptoWall—the biggest names in Ransomware have become mainstream media. Ransomware attacks have become so common, and so successful, that even your grandmother has seen or heard news about this popular attack type. With all of this attention, why hasn’t the security industry figured out how to manage Ransomware? All recommended advice seems simple enough, right? Encrypt your data. Tune your firewalls and malware protection. Back up your data. Test your backups. Patch systems. Train users. In a large, complex organization, though, while the conventional guidance is simple, implementation and integration isn’t. Attend MISTI’s Ransomware eSummit to learn how to affect real change in your organization. This isn’t about one dedicated tool or one easy technique; you’ll walk away with actionable strategies for hardening your network and creating (or refining) backup continuity and disaster recovery plans that will ensure your company is not crippled if Ransomware makes its way to a network near you.


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