Network Sec eSummit 235x132Endpoint Security eSummit | On-Demand

How many times have you heard: “The perimeter has disappeared,” as a means to explain why today’s corporate systems are so much harder to secure? Though it’s true that endpoints aren’t where they were in the 1990s, managing today’s endpoint security means organizations must have a complete understanding of all remote wireless devices—including laptops, mobile phones, and IoT devices—which connect to the network. Managing endpoints isn’t impossible (despite conventional grumbling), but it starts with a clear understanding of all assets connecting to your network, limitations and vulnerabilities inherent in different device types, and maintaining visibility into anomalies from endpoint protection tools, logs, and other security monitoring solutions. During MISTI’s Endpoint Security eSummit, you will hear how leading organizations are managing endpoint security and learn what to look for when starting—or improving—your own program.


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