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Internal Audit IT Audit Info Security
Internal Audit IT Audit Info Security

IT Audit Certificate

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MIS has developed tailored certificate curricula to help IT Auditors gain the vital skills, confidence, and credibility they need to succeed in specialized roles. Each certificate program is built on a curriculum that has been carefully designed to provide the know-how you need to be a top performer in your department and a major contributor to your organization’s success.

NOTE: if you have taken seminars towards a Certificate that is no longer listed here, please contact MIS Customer Service at 508-879-7999, ext. 501 and we will work with you to ensure you complete your program.

BENEFITS of the MIS Internal Audit Certificate Program - you will receive:
• 15% off the total cost of all four seminars. Here’s how it works: You pay the regular, undiscounted fee for the first three courses you attend. 15% of the four-course total will be deducted from the fourth seminar. Or, you can select and pay in advance for all four seminars and receive your discount at the time of payment.• A 10% discount on all instructor-led seminars (not including in-house or online courses, or webinars) for two years.
• A 10% discount on MIS Training Institute conferences for two years after you complete your certificate program.
• A framed certificate indicating that you completed the program.

You must complete all four courses in each certificate program within 30 months of the date of your first seminar. You are eligible to receive credit toward a certificate for any relevant seminar you have attended within the past two years. Please call 508-879-7999 to verify your course record.

IT Audit Certificate

The MIS Information Technology Auditing Certificate is a four-course program designed for business auditors who do not have a background in computers and technology. Those who complete this program will learn basic IT concepts and master techniques for auditing simple applications.

Required Seminars (also can count toward elective credit):
IT Auditing and Controls
Auditing Business Application Systems
IT Audit School

PLUS three of the following electives:
How to Perform an IT General Controls Review
Auditing Application Systems Development
Integrated Audits: Planning, Scoping, and Executing 
Intermediate IT Audit School
COBIT® 5: Integrating COBIT into Your IT Audit Process
Successful Audit Data Analytics
A Risk-Based Guide to IT Infrastructure Controls
Audit Manager’s Guide to IT Risks
Testing IT General Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley

Integrated Auditing Certificate

The MIS Integrated Auditing Certificate combines elements of several traditional audit areas, including financial, operational, and information technology. This four-course program will cover the knowledge and skills you need to perform effective enterprisewide integrated audits.

Required Seminars (also can count toward elective credit):
Integrated Audits: Planning, Scoping, and Executing 
IT Audit School
COBIT 5®: Integrating COBIT into Your IT Audit Process
Internal Audit School   

PLUS two of the following electives:
Financial Auditing
Advanced Auditing for In-Charge Auditors
Fraud Data Mining
Risk School
Using Risk Assessment to Build Individual Audit Programs
Data Mining for Auditors
Process Flow Auditing
Lean Six Sigma Skills for Auditors