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Internal Audit IT Audit Info Security
Internal Audit IT Audit Info Security

Internal Audit Certificate

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MISTI has developed tailored certificate curricula to help IT Audit, Internal Audit, and Information Security professionals gain the vital skills, confidence and credibility they need to succeed in specialized roles in their respective disciplines.  MISTI Certificates are an objective, measurable way to demonstrate professional competence and validate your professional standing. 

NOTE: if you have taken seminars towards a Certificate that is no longer listed here, please contact MISTI Customer Service at 508-879-7999, ext. 501 and we will work with you to ensure you complete your program.

BENEFITS of the MISTI Internal Audit Certificate Program - you will receive :
• 15% off the total cost of the four seminars (not including in-house or online courses, or webinars) that are part of your certificate
• A 10% discount on all instructor-led seminars (not including in-house or online courses, or webinars) for two years
• A 10% discount on MIS Training Institute conferences for two years after you complete your certificate program
• A framed certificate indicating that you completed the program

You must complete all four courses in each certificate program within 30 months of the date of your first seminar. You are eligible to receive credit toward a certificate for any relevant seminar you have attended within the past two years. Please call 508-879-7999 ext. 501 to verify your course record.

Internal Audit Certificate

The MISTI Internal Audit Certificate is a four-course program designed for auditors who require the skill sets necessary to perform effective and efficient financial and operational audits. This curriculum provides well-rounded audit training, including audit planning/execution, risk assessment, fieldwork and audit reporting. Because recent corporate failures have placed demands on auditors, certificate requirements include courses on auditing financial statements and IT audit concepts. Those who complete this program will master the skills needed to successfully plan and execute financial and operational audits that include an appropriate audit focus on financial statements and information technology.

Required Seminars (also can count toward elective credit):
• Fundamentals of Internal Auditing (OAG101)
• Advanced Auditing for In-Charge Auditors (OAG201)
• Internal Audit School (OAP301)

PLUS three of the following electives:
• Effective Business Writing for Auditors (OAG111)
• Communication & Change Implementation Skills for Auditors (OAG116)
• Project Management for Auditors (OAG211)
• Audit Manager's Guide to IT Risk (OAM302)
• Managing the Internal Audit Department (OAM401)
• High-Impact Skills for Developing and Leading Your Audit Team (OAM425)
• The MIS Audit Leadership Institute (OAM510)
• The CAE Master’s Program  (OAM590)
• Fraud Audit School (OAF201)
• Advanced Fraud Audit School (OAF411)
• Risk School (OAR201)
• Using Risk Assessment to Build Individual Audit Programs (OAR321)
• COSO 2013 Internal Control Integrated Framework (OAP241)
• Process Flow Auditing (OAP311)
• Lean Six Sigma Skills for Auditors (OAP315)
• Bank Internal Audit School (OAP385)
• IT Audit School (ITG121)


Fraud Audit and Investigation

The MISTI Fraud Audit and Investigation Certificate is a four-course program designed to provide the auditing and investigative knowledge and skills needed to reduce an organization’s fraud loss potential. In light of the recent scandals that have rocked the corporate world, the curriculum includes critical skills in financial statement analysis and fraud detection techniques based on established auditing practices. Those who complete this curriculum will be well equipped to manage and/or perform intensive operational fraud detection reviews and deliver audits that will help ensure reliable and trustworthy financial reporting practices.

Required Seminars:
• Fraud Audit School (OAF201)
• Fraud Testing: Integrating Fraud Detection into Your Audit Program (OAF301)

PLUS two of the following electives:
• Bank and Financial Institution Fraud (OAF210)
• The Auditor's Guide to Money Laundering (OAF211)
• Fraud Investigation for Internal Auditors (OAF311)
• Fraud Data Analytics (OAF315)
• Bribery & Corruption: FCPA & UK Bribery Act Compliance (OAF340)
• Advanced Fraud Audit School (OAF411)


Risk and Compliance Certificate

The MISTI Risk and Compliance Certificate is a four-course program that has been developed to provide the essential skills you need to address management’s business concerns and to provide assurance that risks have been identified and mitigated and compliance requirements have been met.

Required Seminars (also can count toward elective credit):
Two of the following:
• Risk School (OAR201)
• Using Risk Assessment to Build Individual Audit Programs (OAR321)
• Governance, Risk, and Compliance (OAP352)

PLUS, two of the following electives:
• Audit Manager’s Guide to IT Risks (OAM302)
• Fraud Audit School (OAF201)
• Bribery & Corruption: FCPA & UK Bribery Act Compliance (OAF340)
• Advanced Fraud Audit School (OAF411)
• Building a Continuous Risk Assessment Model (OAR250)
• Auditing Strategic Risks (OAR330)
• Auditing the Enterprise Risk Management Process (OAR341)
• Sarbanes-Oxley: A Road Map to Compliance (OAP242)
• Testing IT General Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley (ITP262)
• A Risk-Based Guide to IT Infrastructure Controls (ITP361)